Celebrating Jewish Culture and Impact on Humanity: The Indianapolis Jewish Film Festival

The Indianapolis Jewish Film Festival is a special event that has been celebrated for over three decades. Founded by Robert Epstein, the festival is held annually in Indianapolis and showcases films that reflect Jewish culture and its impact on humanity. It has been honored with numerous awards and recognitions from prestigious festivals around the world. The festival is held at various locations throughout Indianapolis, with the main venue being the JCC Indianapolis and Hasten Academy.

Other venues include Unknown and other locations. The festival also offers special screenings at various times throughout the year.\The Indianapolis Jewish Film Festival has been awarded several awards over its 33-year history. These include SIGNIS Jury Award at Religion Today Film Festival in 201; Audience Award at Maui International Film Festival in 201; Best Feature Film Voted by the Public at Chicago Israeli Film Festival in 201; Best Actor: Makram Khouri at Israel Academy Awards in 201; Docs Without Borders Film Festival in 201; Indy Film Fest in 2011; Indy Shorts International Film Festival in 2012; Best Documentary at Circle City Film Festival in 2012; Merit Award and Special Mention at Accolade Global Film Competition; Audience Award at Coachella Valley Festival in 200; Best Direction and Best Cinematography at Bavarian Film Awards in 2000; Best Screenplay at German Film Awards in 2000; Golden Lady Harimaguada at Las Palmas Film Festival in 2000; Guild Film Award: Gold at German Film Guild Award in 2000; OCIC Award - Honorable Mention at Mar del Plata Film Festival in 199; Lolly Award chosen by the public for best film at XPOSED International Queer Film Festival in 2011; best documentary film at Parallel Films Festivals in 199 and 2011; and Award of Audience at Docaviv International Documentary Films Festivals in 201.\The festival also honors a special individual each year who has made a significant contribution to Jewish culture and society. This year's honoree is Jenni Berebitsky who was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) or Lou Gehrig's disease when she was 33 years old.

Jenni was married with a 15-month-old son and had just finished her residency as a naturopathic doctor when she was diagnosed with ALS.\The Indianapolis Jewish Film Festival is an important event that celebrates Jewish culture and its impact on humanity. It is an opportunity to explore the richness of Jewish culture through film, while also honoring those who have made significant contributions to the community. The festival offers a unique experience for all who attend, as it showcases films from around the world that reflect Jewish tradition and its impact on human condition. It is an event that should not be missed!.

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